When hitting from tee to fairway or fairway to green, there are typically two or three options for club selection and shot type. One of golf’s ironies is that the shorter the distance between ball and hole, the more choices present themselves.

The number of different ways to play a chip or pitch shot can twist the mind in knots. Indecision ensues, which inevitably leads to a lack of confidence and poor results.

There’s a way around the issue. Rather than making your entire bag of clubs available for any given short-game attempt, limit your choices to no more than three clubs. For example, the sand or lob wedge, gap wedge (53-55° loft) and 7-iron.

You’ll only pull the 7-iron for long chips with plenty of green to work with. Use the sand or lob wedge when you need to get the ball up high and land it softly. The gap wedge is the choice for all other shots.

By cutting your short-game arsenal to a few clubs, you’ll not only eliminate indecision, you’ll learn to play a variety of shots with each club – especially the gap wedge. With practice, you’ll become skilled at changing the trajectory and distance based on the shot’s requirements, gaining consistency and confidence.