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Golf clubfitting is all the rage, and it’s more than a fad.

Millions of golfers are discovering the benefits of clubs that match their personal dimensions. In fact, the length, loft and lie of one’s clubs may be more important than what they’re made of.

While different clubmakers and golf fitters use different methods, they all start with a few basics, such as the player’s height, length from wrist to ground, and hand size. Most factor in the golfer’s experience, typical ball trajectory (high, medium, low) and direction (left, right, straight), their swing speed with a driver, and what club they hit for a 150-yard shot.

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Using this data, the fitter determines the proper measurements for the golfer’s irons and woods, including each club’s length, lie angle (distance between the shaft and ground with the sole lying flat) and loft, as well as shaft flex and grip size.

Why is custom fitting so important? Because ill-fitting clubs can create a variety of mishits, no matter how good the swing. For example, if the toe of the golfer’s 5-iron is off the ground at address – meaning its lie is too upright – shots will tend to fly left of target.

Only by using custom-fit clubs can the golfer be sure that misses are caused by their  swing, not their clubs. Many companies offer free online clubfitting, including

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