Are Thomas Pre Owned Golf Clubs A Good Value Fix

In the market for a set of golf clubs, but don’t have the budget (or desire) to pay full price? Pre-owned clubs can be a great bargain.

Of course, pre-owned clubs can cost a fraction of what new clubs fetch. It’s fairly easy to find used clubs in excellent condition, sometimes barely used. Even clubs that are a little beat-up generally function properly, so you’re mainly sacrificing cosmetics.

Here are a few things to look for when shopping for pre-owned golf clubs: 

  • Grip wear: Are the grips slick and worn down, or do they retain plenty of tackiness? Worn-out grips aren’t necessarily a deal-breaker, but require an additional investment to replace. Re-gripping prices run from $6-15 per club, depending on the type of grip.

  • Shaft length and flex: Since pre-owned clubs aren’t custom-built to match your specifications, make sure the length and flex of the shafts are a fit for you. Reputable sellers will provide shaft information in their product descriptions or on request.

  • Clubface blemishes: Deep nicks on iron clubfaces and dents on woods, while relatively rare, can affect club performance. Inspect each club before buying; if you can’t see them in person or online, ask the seller about any damage. 

There are countless options for purchasing pre-owned clubs, including websites, retail stores and classified ads. Thomas Golf offers a wide and deeply discounted selection of its own clubs, with shaft specs and grip size listed for each, at

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