Golfers seldom notice the grips on their clubs unless the surface becomes slick or worn down. But the golf clubs grip’s thickness can have a major impact on a club’s performance – especially if it doesn’t match the player’s hands.

As a general rule, golfers with large hands should use thicker grips. (The converse is also true.) Grips that are too thin allow the hands too much freedom during the swing, often causing wild hooks. Overly large grips have the opposite effect, restricting hand movement and preventing a proper release through impact. The result: sliced or pushed shots.

There’s also the matter of personal preference in golf grip size. Some golfers believe smaller grips deliver better feel and feedback, particularly on mishit shots and chipping around the greens. Others prefer the added control of a thicker grip.

Taking feel out of the equation, clubfitters may measure your hands to determine the best grip size. Factors like finger length, palm width and glove size are used to recommend grips of standard, small, midsize or oversize dimensions by companies like Thomas Golf.

It’s been claimed that as many as nine of every 10 golfers play with grips of the wrong size. Getting yours right could provide an easy path to improvement.

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