does distance matter

Ask most golfers if distance matters, and you’ll get a resounding YES  ...and they’re right, but not for the reasons they think!  What’s usually on their mind is “more” distance, but in reality, this only applies to one club in the bag… the Driver.

For all the other clubs in the bag, “more distances" from a golf club is not going to lower your scores.  What’s crucial for all the other clubs in the bag, is to get a consistent reliable distance from each specific club?  distance loft of clubFor example, you want to know that every time you grab your #7 it’s going to go X number of yards.  If you have a shot requiring 10 more yards of distance, you grab your #6.  (as you play/practice, you’ll discover the distance you get out of each club).  The important thing here is consistency, and you get that from a club manufactured with the proper distance specifications for that # club; and the club should be built to fit your physique and swing strength.

Some manufacturers will pander to the hype of distance by altering the lengths, lofts and weights of their irons… but all they’re doing is turning a #7 into a #6 (and making a mess of things in the process).   For reliable performance, use irons with proper specifications that are fitted correctly for you.  To become a better golfer with consistent shot making, change your mind-set… when you have a shot requiring more distances, simply grab the next club up in your bag; do not go out and buy a club that says #7 but has been manipulated to try to get the distance of a #6.

The top PGA players have learned the true importance of consistency in golf. Before a rookie comes into the PGA, they (like us) tend to judge their game based on those occasional highlights- reel shots; but later become great players once they learned that those shots have little to do with posting winning scores. Camilo Villegas is just one example, “I’ve jumped more than 300 spots in the Official World Golf Rankings because my game has become more consistent… I’m repeating my good swing on almost every shot. If you can add this type of consistency to your game, you’ll improve faster than you ever thought possible.” Playing golf clubs with proper specs and fit is a major factor to consistent and accurate shot making; the best way to lower your scores!

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