golf ball disection

If you play a random assortment of golf balls, you’re giving up strokes. Simple as that. Even if you play a single model from a specific brand, it may not be the best ball for your game.

This is an easy problem to correct thanks to the science of ball fitting. Like club or putter fitting, ball fitting is a step-by-step process to determine what characteristics will maximize your driving, iron play and short game.

Ball fitting may be conducted while actually hitting shots under the watchful eyes of a launch monitor and technician, or by filling out a simple questionnaire. Here’s how Bridgestone does it:

    three piece golf ball

    In person:

  1. You’ll choose a ball and hit several shots with the driver.
  2. The pro will analyze data from the monitor and confirm that you are playing the right ball, or recommend a different one.
  3. You’ll then hit shots with the recommended ball, compare stats with shots hit using the first ball, then select the one with the best results.

    five piece golf ball

    Online form:

    You’ll be asked the brand/model of your current ball as well as:

  1. Your average score range and driver distance.
  2. The area of the game that’s most important to you (distance/accuracy or short game control).
  3. Your usual shot shape and trajectory (and whether you want to change it).
  4. Spin preference (more/less/same as your current ball).
  5. Once finished, Bridgestone will suggest one of its current models.

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