AT 510 iron Wedges

Game-improvement irons are most commonly used by golfers with handicaps of more than 10, although many low-handicappers and even professionals play them as well.

The term game-improvement refers to the technology built into the clubs, designed to hit the ball straighter, higher and with more forgiveness than “blade” irons.

Game-improvement irons are good choice if you: 

  • Are a beginning or inexperienced golfer.

  • cavity irons

  • Have experience but typically shoot 85 or higher.

  • Only occasionally hit a shot on the sweet spot.

  • Tend to slice or hook your irons.

  • Want more height on your shots.

  • Aren’t concerned about “shaping” shots (intentionally playing draws/fades), or lack the skill to do so.

  • Feel more confident with a larger clubhead behind the ball.

  • Aren’t insistent on playing clubs with a “classic” look. 

Online retailer Thomas Golf carries a variety of game-improvement irons, with free custom-fitting available via the company’s website (