So when we look at Hybrid Golf clubs, you can see the two specific I am holding up in front of me here. We have a square shape one here, and a more rounded pear shape one here. Now these are the Thomas Golf hybrid golf clubs, and this first one here is the AT 725 model. Now the 725 are the little bit of a square back to it, it's not so round and not so sort of traditional or pear shaped, but actually the square aback for a lot of people provides them with a slightly better, more confident giving set position. And actually a little bit more forgiveness in my next strike the golf ball, and it can help you align the golf balls slightly better as well. Another feature that Thomas Golf clubs -the Hybrid golf clubs is the line on the back there, the alignment aid which is an alignment aid, so when you put it down behind the ball, that target line just points exactly where you need to aim.

Often golfers will find it quite it difficult to aim a series of curve lines. Sometimes the face the golf club has a bulge in which looks curved, obviously the back of the golf club traditionally has a curve on it as well. It could be quite difficult to align the curved edges, but on the Thomas golf club here we've got the straight alignment aid on the back so when we set it up behind the golf ball, the alignment line points exactly where I want to aim. That alignment line also provides a nice flat top for the golf club. Again, nice to look down on and actually provides a little more strength at the roof of the golf club. So if you were to hit the ball high upon the face, you got a nice forgiveness, a little bit of an enlarged sweet spot there.

Then looking at the AT 705 model. 705 is a little bit more of a traditional sort of curved back to the golf club a little more of a pear shaped design, but then still on top we've got the flat top with the alignment aid so settling it down behind the ball it still looks nice. The performance benefits of these two golf clubs are actually very similar, both very forgiving, both very accurate, and both very long of the fairway and of the tee. So if you're deciding on where do you prefer the square back of the 725 or the more rounded pear shape design of the 705, the best thing to do is just pick them both up, have a look down on them and just go on personal preference which one looks the best you, which one sets up behind the golf ball with the most sort of appealing shape, and the most confidence giving shape. So set both the golf clubs up, have a look which one is the best suited to your eye, and then make your decision from there. But performance wise, they both perform very, very nicely and a great deal of difference between the two of them.

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