control pitching underhand toss

control pitching underhand toss 2

Hitting a short pitch shot the correct distance is one of those refined skills that few golfers possess. This is partly because most of us don’t practice these shots enough, if at all, but poor technique is also to blame. 

A good exercise to help control your pitching distance is to picture yourself tossing a ball underhanded to the target spot. Or, pretend you’re lobbing a horseshoe toward a stake. These motions are similar to a good pitching action, with a small amount of lower body movement leading a soft yet accelerating arm swing. 

If you own a set of horseshoes or a softball, pick a target in the backyard and stand a few yards away. Toss the object to the target a few times, then hit a few pitch shots with a wedge. You should notice that similar motion and effort are required. Move a little farther away and repeat. 

On the course, picture a stake where you want to land a pitch shot, then play to that spot.