So this next tip goes hand in hand with the previous tip about the good lie where you were sweeping the hybrid up in the air, here we found ourselves in the position where we got a bad lie. The ball is sitting down a little bit in the longer grass, or maybe even a divot, or a bad lie where there's not much to go out and you can't sweep underneath the ball. We need to make a steeper, more descending angle of attack and our set is one of the ways that we will dictate that steeper angle of attack. We're going to position the golf ball a little bit further back here, maybe more towards the center like a classic sort of pitching wedge or 9-iron ball position. And if the lie is really bad maybe just into the back third of the stance a little bit behind the center position would be okay as well.

So I've chosen my 8 hybrid here quite a lofted hybrid club provided by Thomas Golf. And I'm setting up to the golf ball here with it sort of slightly back of center, I'm then going to angle the shaft a long way in towards my left thigh pointing the handle of the golf club towards my left thigh for the right-handed golfer. Again, steepens the swing and allows me to chop down on the golf ball a little bit more blasting it out of whatever bad lie I find myself in. My set up position here would be slightly favoring my left side with my body weight maybe 55, maybe as much as 60% into my left side and making sure I stay really far forward and really well ahead with the handle of the golf club. I often see golfers in positions here where the ball is sitting in a bad lie, they try and help the golf ball up in the air, they lean back and scoop underneath it and flick under it to try and help the ball up.

And that's instinctive reaction, but actually it's the wrong reaction we don't want to be getting back and helping the ball into the air, that's why it worked. Thrust the golf club, take the golf club has enough loft on the face and then hit down on it and the loft will work to get the ball up in the air. So playing the ball slightly back of center, playing the handle well ahead, the body weight well into the left side and strike down. And I can really force that golf ball out and forwards. And actually for the distance it's gone, it's got a long way because I've taken an 8 hybrid, but then I've actually shoot the face down a little bit delofted it slightly and force the ball forwards.

So when you take the shot on don't be afraid of taking plenty of loft and then striking down and forcing the all forward with the hybrid club. And because the hybrid club has loads of weight, low and deep under the sole of the golf club so actually quite nice to get down into that long grass and force the ball out and force the ball forward. And I can still rescue a fairly bad situation and get the ball a good distance down there. So next time you're in a situation where you're not sure about the lie, check the lie. A good lie or a bad lie and then choose the relevant club and the relevant ball position, and the sweeping or the punching action depends on the lie.

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