There's one area of confusion that often come across within golfers when they're talking about hybrid golf clubs and it relates to ball position. I've heard lots of different things about where the ball should be whether it should hit down, whether it should sweep, whether you play it like an iron and whether you play it like at wood. And I think a lot of people just get a little bit confused by that. So hopefully these next two videos I'm going to be able to clear the top for you. We're going to look initially about sweeping the golf ball up into the air with the hybrid club. Second video would relate to punching the ball into the air with a hybrid golf club. Now the big difference here is all about the lie, and that's one thing you need to investigate when you set up to a golf ball.

I don't think you can make your decision about the shot you're going to hit or the club you're going to use from 10 yards away from the ball. I have often see people will drop their bag or leave their trolley, pick the golf club and march 10 yards across the fairway to where their ball is sitting. Then when they get there, they realize the lie isn't suitable for the club they've got, but it's a long way back to their bag and they've already made the decision, so they go ahead and try and hit the wrong shot with the wrong club from the wrong lie. So the first thing here is investigate the type of lie that you have.

Now as long as you don't move the golf ball you can place the golf club in behind it just to have a feel whether the grass is quite soft and quite deep, in which case you'd class that as maybe a decent lie where you can sweep the ball into the air, but if as you put the golf club behind you feel the golf ball actually sits down in the grass rather than on the grass or down in a little hollow depression, or on old divot that lies is obviously a lot worse and needs treating differently. So let's go ahead and pretend we've got ourselves in a good lie here and normal sort of range map we've class as a good lie I guess. I am going to play the golf ball quite near to my left side here. I've got a five hybrid for this, so I've played it in a similar position or maybe slightly further ahead than a classic 5-iron position.

So I've worked on the principle of taking a pitching wedge in the center of the stance and then moving about half an inch per club as we go through nine, eight, seven, six, five, and a little bit for look when I've got my five hybrid. And now set up to that, check them on the right distance away from the ball, level my shaft so my hands are level to the golf ball not necessarily you had level to the golf ball, and then sweep the ball away. If I've got a really nice lie, I might even just position a little bit of body weight onto my right leg at set at maybe 60% back on to my right side sweeping the ball away.

Focusing on scuffing the ground yes, but not necessarily taking a divot, so just a sort of contact where the club just brushes -just brushes the surface of the mat of the surface of the fairway, bruises the leaves of the grass, but doesn't gouge out the ground from underneath them. So placing my five hybrid nicely forward in my stance and making a nice sweeping blow to this ball staying back a little bit at set up, sweeping the ball up into the air gives it a beautiful high, long, straight flight. So setting up with a five hybrid nicely far forward in your stance, but make sure you've checked out the quality of the lie first.

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