Ladies Hybrid Golf Clubs Basic Swing, And Ball Position

    Hybrid golf clubs are designed to replace your irons so the ball position and swing to play effective shots from these golf clubs are the same as you would use for an iron.

    To set up correctly to play a great shot with a hybrid you need to address the ball with a shoulder width stance. This will provide you with a stable and well balanced base to play your golf shot from.

    The golf ball should be positioned left of the center of your stance (for right handed golfers) to encourage a downward striking action in the club head and your weight should also be positioned slightly more on your left side, with your hands forward of the club head.

    Pushing your hands forward simply means that your hands are left of the club head and to encourage the correct hand position, create a straight line from your left shoulder down your left arm and then down the shaft of the golf club to the club head.

    Doing this will encourage you to make a slightly more upright swinging action and allow you to make a steeper angle of attack with the club head as it descends towards the golf ball. This slight downward striking action will force the golf ball forwards and upwards from the club face angle to produce a high ball flight and longer golf shot.

    Work on initiating your backswing by rotating your upper body to the right and maintaining your balance and head position. Your shoulders should rotate 90 degrees to the right of their start position and you should maintain an extended left arm throughout your backswing and at the top of your backswing. To initiate your downswing rotate from the ground up. Turn your knees, hips, torso and then shoulders towards the target and finish in a well balanced position with the golf club wrapped around the back of your neck and your right foot rotated up from the floor, on your toe and your shoe laces turned towards the target.

    Work on achieving this set up, ball position and swing when next playing with your hybrid golf clubs and you will see an improvement in the results that are produced.

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