Women Golf Tip – Best Driver Loft For Average Ladies Golfer

    Loft is absolutely critical when it comes to achieving maximum shot distance from the tee. Matching the correct loft for the swing speed that you have will achieve the optimum launch angle for your tee shots and result in you getting the ball into the air for the longest amount of time possible. The longer that the golf ball is in the air, the more the golf ball is travelling forward and the further it is being hit.

    If you watch golf professionals training for the longest drive championship, you would see them hitting golf balls and then timing the amount of time that the golf ball is in the air for. Long drive champions have realised that the longer the golf ball is in the air, the more distance it is covering and the further it is travelling. The higher you hit the golf ball into the air, the further the shot will be hit. An easy way to explain this principle is to think of watering the garden with a garden hose. If you hold the hose so the water sprays out of it at a low angle, then the water will not travel as far away from you as it would if you held the hose pipe up and sprayed the water out at a higher angle.

    Thinking that to achieve distance you need a lower lofted golf club is incorrect. The male golf professionals that you watch playing on the television can play with lower lofts and still achieve huge distances because they have a much higher swing speed than the average lady golfer. A Tour Professional swings their driver on average at 112 miles per hour, with the fastest club head speeds registering 130 miles per hour. Due to this higher swing speed, these players can use lower lofted drivers to achieve maximum shot distance, because club face loft is directly related to swing speed and shot distance.

    The average club head speed for a lady amateur golfer is much slower at 65 miles per hour and the slower your swing speed is, the higher the club face loft that is required for maximum shot distance.

    At 60 miles per hour, an 11 degree driver produces 106 yards of distance, a 15 degree driver produces 117 yards of distance and a 19 degree driver produces 122 yards of distance. At 65 miles per hour, the best driver loft for the average lady golfer is 16 degrees of loft for optimum shot distance.

    If you are playing a lower lofted driver than 16 degrees, the next time you get the opportunity to try a higher lofted club have a go and watch how you hit the golf ball a much greater distance from the tee.