How to Swing From the Top to a Full Finish

The golf swing isn’t over once the ball has been struck. What happens between contact and the finish offers important clues to a golfer’s fundamentals.

A proper finish finds the belt buckle and chest facing the target, the weight balanced on the left foot (for right-handers), the hands and arms fully released and over the left shoulder. If you finish off-kilter or don’t swing the club to at least shoulder height, it’s a sign that your mechanics are off.

Practice your golf swing in this sequence from the top of the backswing to achieve a full finish:

• The left heel, which lifts slightly on the backswing, triggers the downswing by returning to the ground.
• This causes the left hip to rotate toward the target.
• Next come the torso, shoulders and arms, which fall naturally rather than being cast downward.
• The hips and torso continue rotating, the arms lagging slightly behind the chest until impact.
• The club accelerates through and past the ball, finally slowing as the golfer reaches the finish.

Balance, in-sync body rotation and acceleration of the club are the keys to solid, powerful shots and a sound finish position. In fact, the finish is a great place to start when diagnosing your golf swing ailments.