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In the history books of golf the name Old Tom Morris, stands out so prominently, because of his association with the game and the fact that he is credited with being a real golf pioneer. He was born in St. Andrews, he was the club professional of St. Andrews, the course architect in some respects of course Andrews was the green keeper. He was everything to do with the home of golf. Won the Open Championships four times, and he is regarded as the first real kind of superstar of the game. Now, obviously a video footage of when Old Tom Morris was at his prime, during the 1800s, is rather hard to come by. But by still photography, you can tell that he had a few unique aspects to his set up and to his swing. Often, these can be attributed by just having a look at the equipment that was actually being used, obviously a lot less advanced as it is – than it is today. And what Old Tom Morris used to do with his set up, is set the feet up very, very wide open, to the actual target, get the clubface pointing pretty much at the target, and then cut across the ball, with an open clubface. Now this was most likely to actually just try and get the ball up in the air using hickory shafted clubs, ball stuffed with feathers. It’s not that easy to get the ball up in the air. So by setting the feet open, by setting the clubface open, swinging across the body, you’re able to get a little bit more height, and a little bit more loft onto the club. And that is something that a lot of the older generation of players were older generation, very old generation of players during the 1800s used to have to do to get the ball around the course. But if you are looking for a bit of a history lesson and if you are looking to just have a look at what one of the great kind of names in golf was all about, then check Old Tom Morris out, it’s a fantastic story.