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Video Transcript

One of the hot names on tour over the last year has been Jordan Spieth, young up and coming player, 19 years old. I don’t know what you were doing when you it was 19 but you weren’t winning out on tour and I know you weren’t winning out on the golf tour because Jordan Spieth is the youngest player to win out on tour since 1931. When you consider all the great names that have through the game in the last sort of 80 years none of them managed to win out on tour until they were older than Jordan Spieth at 19 years old. Now if we look at Jordan’s action you can see a couple of little things that he does. Some nice things that we like, some things that I’m not too keen on myself but clearly working well for him. There’s one area that we really are going to focus on. But Spieth has a great set up to the golf ball; he sets it really nice, very relaxed over the golf ball, 19 years old no worries out in the golf course very, very relaxed. Little bit of bend in the left arm and he maintains that bendy left arm through the top of his swing, looks a little bit awkward to me at the top here. Comes through the golf ball quite a bent left arm little bit reminiscently Westwood as he comes through with the ball his left arm.

Counter that with the fact that from down the line as well he tends to get a little bit bowed at the top, a little bit Dustin Johnson at the top here. So bent left arm, bent little left wrist and again not a sort of classic action, not a very traditional action a lot of people would suggest that this is going to be overly consistent but the one thing that brings Jordan Spieth a lot of consistency is the stability that he implies – I’m sorry employs through the middle of his body with his chest and his head position particularly. So as he sets up from the front arm these and address position like I said before quite relaxed, then very, very centered through the back swing. Keeps the head very centered also keeps the spine angle very centered this way. That means that he’s got lots and lots of good opportunity to be consistent in the down swing. His head’s not moving laterally off the ball, his chest not coming up and down too much either.

So if you can maintain that position in the top of your back swing, it’s so easy to hit the golf ball from there, you don’t really have to do that much. If you feel in your own game you’re lacking some consistency, that maybe because during your back swing you’re moving away from the ball then swaying or lifting or lowering your spine angle during the back swing. Of course if you do that in the back swing, you’ve got to undo that in the down swing and you might feel this too many moving parts as you come down into the ball and you struggle with consistency. If we look at Jordan Spieth’s action, very stable head, very stable spine angle. Simple turn in the back swing, simple turn in the down swing and his ability to strike the golf ball consistently even on the great pressure of winning the PGA Tour Event when you’re 19 years old, he’s a very good consistent player, great to watch and a real superstar to watch for the future as well.