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Hideki Matsuyama is an exciting Japanese golfer who really shot to prominence last year after winning the 2014 Memorial Tournament Jack Nicholas’s tournament and he’s only 23 years old. To boot he also has one of the most unique swings currently on Tour because off the top of his backswing he has a massive pause. Now for many people posing at the top of the backswing will not help but for him and some people pausing at the top can aid to actually give a little more rhythm, a little more tempo and improve the timing on the backswing.

Now Hideki Matsuyama pause is actually quite long is pushing on a second which in a goal swing is a long, long time to get to the top and pause for a second before coming back down will seem like an eternity to lots of different people but what he does he makes it work because at the pause at the top he then starts his downswing, starts his movement towards the ball, hips bumping forward, hips opening and he strikes the ball very, very well.

So he gets to the top has a pause and then carries on the swing through. Now that is a very, very difficult move and it’s a very, very swing to replicate, but if you are struggling to actually slow your swing down if you want to practice adding the pause into the top of the swing it could help control your tempo and it could also help get a better sequencing on the way down.