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When looking for examples of solid techniques in the history of the game, American golfer Gene Littler is someone you should definitely look at if you are looking to improve the consistency and the overall rhythm of your technique. Now Gene Littler was nicknamed Gene the Machine, he only won the one major, at the 1961 US Open but he had one of the most repeatable swings then and still to this very present day. Now what Gene Littler did he made sure that he swing, as technical proficient as he was had the same pace, the same rhythm and the same tempo every single time no matter the shot, no matter the club, no matter the situation he ensured that his rhythm was exactly the same every single time.

Now because of that he was able to predict what the outcome of his shots would be. They would be much more consistent and a lot more accurate than if he tried to put a little bit more energy in, a little bit of more speed or try not to hit it as hard. What he did he just used the same swing again and again and again and again. Now this isn’t quite as easy as it sounds because what it takes is practice, constant practice of swinging at the same speed, time and time and time again and not letting that tempo, not letting that speed be affected by the situation that you find yourself in. So if you are looking to improve your strike and improve your scores try and take the same rhythm to every single shot and hopefully you will see an improvement as well. So check out Gene’s swing, check out his game and take his rhythm into your game as well.