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One of the greatest players ever to play the game is American Gene Sarazen. Now Gene Sarazen is one of the few players to actually hold all four major titles within his career. So winning all four majors while he was competing at the highest level, a fete only achieved by very, very few players. And he was a fantastic golfer and also an inventor. Thanks to Gene Sarazen that you can now easily get out of most bunkers because he invented the modern sand wedge.

So not only a fantastic player also a very, very clever guy. Now during the swing Gene Sarazen had a couple of unique moves but one which can help most golfers, and that is from the top of the swing the legs bent downwards and we got into a little bit of a squat position. Now what Gene Sarezen did was get quite a lot of lag and quite a lot of wrist hinge during the backswing but the squat position downwards really started to draw power upwards from the ground.

And as power was drawn upwards from the ground he could deliver the club through impact at a much greater speed and then coming through extending the legs, extending the body for a little bit more of an explosion of power. Now this isn’t an easy move to get, it isn’t an easy move to ingrain into any golf swing, but if you can do it, you can generate lots of power. So taking the set up, with a relatively wide stance with most clubs, take it to the top quite a lot of wrist hinge, really bend the knees down into impact and really drill the ball away very, very well. So one of the best players to play the game a fantastic inventor, Grand Slam holder and hopefully helping to improve your game even now.