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American golfer Curtis Strange won back to back US Opens in 1988 and 1989, and is regarded as having one of the best golf swings on tour at that time and still today. Now Curtis Strange has many fantastic technical aspects to his swing. But one that really stands out is how he approaches his impact and how he extends his arm through the impact area.

He has a lovely wide back swing in a full shoulder turning. But as he approached his impact, the hands return just ahead of the impact with the irons, and then from there, the arms continue to extend to rotate until the toe of the club points up at the sky as the shaft reaches its halfway-stage through the followthrough swing. From there, the arms continue to extend until they wraparound the shoulders and the club comes the rest behind the head. It’s a fantastic movement. And it just allows him to deliver so much power, so much consistency and so much accuracy to the shot.

So if you are looking for things to improve with impact, especially with the irons, get down into the impact area, extend the arms and the hands through the shot and it should give you that little bit of accuracy, that little bit of power and that little bit of extra, when you need it on the course. If you’re all looking to copy a technique, then you could do a lot worse than Curtis Strange.