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Video Transcript

Craig Stadler was a multiple winner on tour, as well as winning one Master’s Event. He was a very, very popular character amongst the fans nicknamed “The Walrus,” because if his unique action through the swing. Now Craig Stadler was physically a very large guy and not many at certain restriction when actually swinging the club.

What he did is what his son Kevin does as well is get over the ball quite an upright posture, and also swinging the club back very straight, very high, and then follow exactly the same path on the way down and through. In total, it’s a very, very upright golf swing.

Now the advantage of having an upright golf swing is it’s quite easy to keep the club square going back and to keep his square going through. There are also limits into the amount of shots and the amount of power that you can put through the swing. But if you can get it right, the results can be very, very good indeed, very, very accurate the way you want the ball to go.

Now to practice this and to hit these shots, stand quite close to the ball, quite upright and then just trying to get the get club moving straight up, and then straight up through the actual impact. Normally, the resulting shot will be a little bit of a fate once it goes down toward your target. But if you can get it right, it can be a very, very accurate way to hit the golf ball.