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Video Transcript

Alex Smith was a Scottish professional who spent most of his time working as a club professional in the US. Now unlike most club professionals nowadays, the club professionals back in the early 1900s when he was competing played in all the major events if they could and he actually was a double U.S. Open winner. Now one thing which he did very, very professionally within his swing, he is actually getting the ball launching very, very high with his driver, which wasn’t easy to do in his era where club technology isn’t advanced as it was today and actually hitting a high golf ball was very, very difficult; but one thing which he did within his swing to help with, his turn to the ball really power the swing, but actually actively laying back through impact. So it would impact the left leg, the spine angle rolling at straight line, but they were tilted away from the target.

Now normally when you hit shots you want to be moving through and getting your weight on your front foot with your spine angle in your left leg pointing pretty much straight down. Leaning back through the ball can often help scoop up into the air and cause negative things to happen at impact. The way allowed him to do was launch the ball very, very high and if you are struggling to actually get the ball up in the air, actively feeling like you are leaning back through impact can help. So setting up to the ball and it is simple as it sounds, just straighten the left leg at impact and try and get the spine angle tilted away.

And if you can do that the ball will launch very, very high. So, maybe not told by many modern professionals nowadays, but if you are struggling to hit the ball high into the air give that a go. You never know it might pay dividends.