What Is the Correct Use for Your Fingers in the Golf Swing 1

    Your hands and more specifically, your fingers play an incredibly important part of the overall success as a golfer. Having the ability to take the correct grip can be the difference between success and failure of your golf shot. This tip specifically looks at the correct positioning of your fingers and how they influence the golf grip and the golf swing.

    Firstly, consider how you pick up a ball and hold it in your hand in order to throw it a long way. If you go ahead and do this, you'll notice you hold the ball predominantly in the fingers of your hand as you make your throwing action. This promotes a feeling of more power and more control.

    You can apply this principle to the way you should hold a golf club. If you grasp the ball in your palm of your hands, you would notice you would feel less power and less control. The same applies to your golf grip. Holding the club in the palm can be detrimental to your results. Holding the club in the fingers can produce a more powerful and more consistent golf swing.

    What Is the Correct Use for Your Fingers in the Golf Swing 2

    For a right-handed golfer, you should feel specifically that you have more pressure through the top three fingers of your left hand. The index finger will be used to either overlap or interlink to join onto the right hand.

    The grip pressure on the right hand is tighter with the central two fingers. The little finger of the right hand is used to either interlink or overlap and the index finger of the right hand can be placed slightly further down the grip away from the middle finger of the right hand. This provides more control and more power and we call it the trigger finger.

    If you notice any signs of excessive blistering or soreness on your hands, it may be an early indication that you've have the wrong grip type or the wrong grip pressure.