Lean Shaft Forward For Best Iron Shots, Ladies Golf Tip

    If you are struggling to play good iron shots then try achieving an impact position where the shaft of the golf club is leaning forward.

    Achieving this forward lean position with the shaft of the golf club at impact will allow you to make a downward striking action with the club head into the golf ball, which is required to hit great iron shots. It also allows you to strike the golf ball with more club head speed as the forward lean position in the shaft results in a late release of the club head into the golf ball achieving maximum club speed striking the ball and therefore maximum shot distance. When the club shaft leans back rather than forwards at impact, the club head makes an upward striking action towards the ball striking the top of the golf ball or even the ground before the ball. It also results in a lower club head speed striking the ball as the club head will be decelerating when it strikes from this shaft position.

    To achieve a forward lean in the shaft at impact, you could practice hitting an impact bag to learn the correct position to be in as you strike the golf ball. Place the impact bag opposite your left foot (for right handed golfers). Swing away from the impact bag on your backswing. Work on swinging the golf club back to the bag so that your hands move over the top of the bag before the shaft impacts with it. As you do this. rotate your body towards the target but work on achieving the shaft hitting the upper part of the impact bag, rather than the club head hitting the impact bag first.

    If you do not have an impact bag then use a stand bag and work on this drill. Place the stand bag about two feet on the left of the golf ball so that the legs of the stand bag are on the outside of the target line and the bag is on the inside. Swing away from the golf ball and then slowly swing the club back down to strike the ball at a slower speed. You could also do this replacing the ball with a coin to strike at. The point of the drill is to make a good connection between the middle of the club face and the golf ball but to then stop the golf club so that the shaft finishes in a vertical position before the stand bag. If you stop in this shaft position then the shaft of the club will have had a forward lean at impact, as if it was leaning backwards, the club head would flick up and strike the stand bag, rather than finish in a low, vertical shaft position.

    Work on achieving this forward lean position slowly at first and then as you become more competent at achieving the position, gradually speed your movement up until you are back at a full swing speed.

    But achieving the forward lean at impact with the shaft will really improve your iron play and get you striking the golf ball much more consistently, accurately and further than before.