How Women Golfers Can Play Their Best Golf Shots Inside 100 Yards 1

    Being able to play your best golf shots from inside 100 yards is a great skill for any golfer to possess. 100 yards and in on any golf hole is the scoring zone and playing effective, accurate shots from within this distance will make all the difference to your score and it’s not hard to do with a good strategy.

    To achieve your best shots from inside 100 yards, create a wedge chart. This is a chart that displays the yardage that you hit various shots. Go to the range or practice ground and hit 10 full shots with your sand iron, then pitching wedge, then 9 iron and so on. Work out the average distance that each of the clubs goes until you get to 100 yards and write this on to your chart.

    You then need to play 10 more balls working on positions that are less than a full swing. Imagine a clock face in front of you, with 12 o’clock up by your head and 6 o’clock down by the ball. Hit 10 shots to get an average of the distance that you hit your sand iron to when playing a 9 o’clock, 3 o’clock swing with a good tempo. Then do the same for a 10 o’clock, 2 o’clock swing with a good tempo. Do the same for your pitching wedge swinging to the two positions and note down the distance that the ball travels on average with each swing position. Work on achieving the correct swing position, good tempo and a good strike from the club face.

    Keep doing this, with the next lofted club to that just used, until you have no gaps in yardage on your chart.

    Your chart will show you what club to use, what tempo to swing at and what swing position to achieve for a shot that travels 100 yards, then 90 yards, then 80 yards, then 70 yards etc, all the way down in increments from 100 yards.

    If you create a yardage chart in this way, then when you are faced with a particular distance out on the course, you can just look up that distance on your chart and then you will have the confidence to know how to achieve that distance. Use a course planner, a range finder or a GPS system to help you accurately ascertain the distance that you are faced with for the shot you are about to hit and then refer to your yardage chart to make a better decision on how to achieve that distance with accuracy.

    Formulating your own yardage chart will really help you to hit your ball much closer to the pin by taking the guess work out of the shot, leaving you more confident in your ability to hit the ball close and to save yourself shots when you are within the scoring zone.