Did that headline leave you scratching your noggin? Understandable.

You probably recognize that a slice is caused by an over-the-top aka outside-to-inside swing path. Therefore, you assume that a clubhead traveling left after impact causes the dreaded banana ball.

True, an over-the-top swing will send the clubhead left and the ball curving right. But if your swing is on line or, preferably, inside-to-out, a left-veering clubhead is actually a good thing.

Here’s why. If you focus on swinging straight down the target line through impact, you’ll restrict the natural release of the forearms and wrists. The clubface will stay open, resulting in a blocked shot or slice. By swinging the club left after contact, you’ll roll over the arms and hands, squaring the clubface and hitting the mark.

There’s a simple way to remember and utilize this tip. Once you’ve lined up at the target – the green, for instance – find another spot about 20 yards to the left. That’s the target for your club. As you swing, try to “hit” the left-hand target with your clubhead.

Practice this motion and watch your shots start online – and stay there.