How Senior Golfers Can Best Control Pitching Distance To Improve Their Accuracy

    If you are looking to improve your accuracy when you are out on the golf course, then one way to do this is to create a wedge chart. A wedge chart contains vital information regarding how far you hit certain clubs when using certain swings and all professional golfers have one that they use when out on the golf course.

    To create a wedge chart, take a notebook and pencil to the range or practice ground the next time you go. Use your pitching wedge and take ten or so golf balls. When you set up ready to play your shot, imagine a clock face around you with 12 o’clock up by your head and six o’clock down by the ball. Now work on swinging your golf club back to a particular time on the clock and then through to the corresponding mirror image time. So if you swing to 4 o’clock on your backswing, you follow through to 8 o’clock. Swing to 3 o’clock and you finish at 9 o’clock and if you swing back to 2 o’clock you swing to 10 o’clock.

    Keep an even, steady tempo as you swing. Hit at least 10 shots to get an average of the distance that that particular swing strikes the ball. Play 10 shots 8 to 4 o’clock and write down the distance achieved with this swing. Now play shots with the 3 to 9 swing and again note this swing length down, the club being used and the average distance achieved. Finally, play shots with the 2 to 10 o’clock swing and again note down the club, swing length and average distance achieved. Do this with your sand iron, pitching wedge and 9 iron and note all the swing lengths and average distances achieved.

    Now go out on the golf course and the next time you face a particular distance into the green, look that distance up on your yardage chart and you will now know the club and length to use to achieve that distance. Select that club and work on playing the shot with the swing length that the yardage chart tells you and you will produce that distance with the shot you play, helping you to improve your accuracy to the flag.