shots in the wind 3

Few golfers enjoy playing into a headwind, and a tailwind isn’t always the blessing it may seem to be. But the crosswind, whether left-to-right or right-to-left, can cause some of golf’s biggest headaches. 

Advanced shotmakers usually have two options when facing a crosswind: Play the ball to the side of the target from which the wind is blowing (e.g. aim to the right in a right-to-left wind) and let the wind blow it back online, or aim at the target with a shot that curves into the wind (a fade against a right-to-left wind). 

Most golfers are better off sticking with their normal, natural shot. For example, let’s say you tend to draw the ball. If the wind is blowing right to left, it will push a draw that much father left. You’ll need to aim well right of the target to compensate. In a left-to-right wind, play the ball at the target, letting the wind “straighten” its flight. 

When facing tough conditions, it’s usually best to play the shot you’re most comfortable with, rather than attempt to pull off a technique that reduces your chance of making solid contact – the No. 1 key to good results when it’s blowing.