So you are out on the golf course and playing with the best player in the club. They seem to make mistakes like you do, however you have noticed that they seem to make many more birdies when playing to recover their score and still shoot a good total.

How To Make More Golf Birdies By Working On Distance Control 1

Why do you not make as many birdies and how do you make more? Well this tip is designed to help you to create many more birdie chances, to then capitalize on them, and hole the putts.

Fault - You do not have to hit a driver 300 yards straight down the middle of the fairway to make birdies, you just have to hit the iron shot into the green closer than ever before. Birdies can happen if you slice your tee shot into the rough on the side and birdies can happen if you have only hit the golf ball 200 yards off the tee. Creating more chances comes from being able to hit your iron shots into the greens with distance control and precision.

Fix - Knowing your distances from 150 yards and in is crucial when looking at making more birdie chances. Firstly, do you know you distances accurately enough? Can you quickly and without hesitation pick the correct golf club for each distance you have out on the golf course? If not, this is where you will make huge improvements when attacking the flags.

Creating a distance chart - Creating a distance chart is an easy way to take out the guess work from your iron play. You can accurately choose a club on the golf course from any distance from your maximum yardage and in so that you can hit precise distance shots at the flag. The best way to create a distance chart is to use a flat practice ground without any wind factors that will affect the golf ball's flight. Hit each club you have in your set 10 times with a comfortable full golf swing. Take an average of the 10 shots with each club to work out the distance either by pacing the shots out or by using a measuring device with each club.

This will provide you with an extensive distance chart for all distances that you can note down and carry around with you when you are out on the golf course.