Adidas Tour360-boost Golf Shoe Review

    The Adidas Tour360-Boost are marketed as being the culmination of a decade of golf shoe innovation, and these are pretty big words. However, they come from a reputable golf manufacturer and after a short "test drive", I must confess I was totally sold!  I mean, these babies really mean business, they look pretty interesting  and they're able to put a big grin on your face. Actually, the Tour360-Boost are a celebration of the decade-old Tour franchise and they retail for $200.

    The Adidas Tour360-Boost are basically athletic styled golf shoes and they're very similar to the original version, design-wise. But also, there are many improvements and differences when compared to the original and iconic Tour360 golf shoe, the most important one being the introduction of the "Boost" technology. Let me explain you very quickly what's up with the "Boost" thingy. If you're a golf shoe designer, sooner or later you'll be confronted with the following dilemma: you'll have to choose between comfort and feedback/responsiveness. To make a shoe comfortable, you'll have to use softer materials. For speed and feedback, you'll require firmer stuff.

    The Boost technology is the perfect compromise, the best of both worlds kind of a deal, being essentially a space-age material consisting of 1000s of pressurized pellets which, when compressed, provide the wearer with softness but when they rebound, they act like a spring, being very responsive and improving feedback.

    The design of the shoes offers  enhanced arch support and excellent traction due to the proprietary 360WRAP technology  for the mid-foot and excellent cushioning with BOOST foam on the entire length. The rear and the front of the shoes are engineered to maintain independent flexibility. The Tour360-Boost feature a premium leather upper for extreme durability, improved fit and a soft feel and they're available in 6 colors.