pitching wedge1

    Like its siblings the gap, sand and lob wedges, the pitching wedge is an extremely versatile golf club. 

    With 45-50° of loft, the pitching wedge hits the ball farther and lower than the other wedges. That makes it valuable on windy days, especially when a shot with a higher lofted wedge would be vulnerable to the breeze. 

    With less loft and bounce (bulge on the club’s sole) than a sand wedge, the pitching wedge is a good option on long shots from greenside bunkers. If you’ve got more than 40 feet to the flag, plenty of green to work with and sand that isn’t too thick or fluffy, consider the pitching wedge.pitching wedge chip1

    The pitching wedge is most often used for chips and pitch shots around the green, especially from short grass. It’s easy to vary the height of shots with the pitching wedge by simply adjusting the position of the ball in your stance. For most shots, play the ball in the center of your stance. Hit it higher by moving the ball toward your left foot (for right-handers); move it closer to the right foot for a lower trajectory. 

    You may also open the face of a pitching wedge at address, which effectively increases the loft for higher, softer shots.

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