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Fuzzy Zoeller was one of the very few people who will win the Masters on his first appearance at the event and backed it up with a 1984 triumph at the US Open. A very well liked character with the galleries, a very colorful character as well who also has a very repeatable and a very solid golf swing. It’s very simply many, many ways and there is couple of key actions which are very, very noticeable when he hits the shot. Now the first one is the left foot is very widely splayed out to the left hand side, now what this allows him to do is rotate the hips very freely through impact as there is no blocker of the left knee in the way.

As that left toe is splayed outwards the hips can turn through very, very freely. The second thing to widen is backswing is quite narrow in many respects, so the arms don’t extend the massive weight away from the body, they are quite close. With that left toe splayed out he’s able to just turn through with a nice rhythm. And that is carried on throughout all his clubs, from his wedge to his driver, it’s the left heel which is splayed out, slightly narrow, and then a turn through the shot.

Very, very simple and very, very effective, so if you look to clear that left hit that little bit easier get that left toe splayed out, there will be less of a block in the way and it will allow you to hit some very good shots. Check out Fuzzy Zoeller swing, colorful guy, colorful character give it a go and hopefully it will help you improve your game.