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Video Transcript

45-year old Catriona Matthew has been a mainstay of both the Lady’s European and the Lady’s USPGA Tour for many, many years with multiple victories under her belt, including the 2009 British Open. Now, she’s been around for a long time, and to do that, to do that consistently, you have to have a number of repeatable things within your swing. And one of the things that Catriona Matthew has very much of is a fantastic rhythm and a fantastic temper, which hasn’t really changed much throughout all the years she’s been playing.

It’s a very smooth, it’s a very rhythmical temper, and it doesn’t seem to speed up or it doesn’t seem to slow down no matter what the situation. She swings by keeping the body all in time, everything checked up, everything moving in synchronization, and then move through at a very similar pace. There’s nothing that really breaks down and it’s very hard to describe and it’s very hard to mimic someone’s pace and temper. You have to find your own. But to watch images and to watch videos of Catriona Matthew swing, if you watch her hit shots from any kind of year, any kind of era, the chances are her swing temper will be the same.

So if you watch it, and if you watch how she moves her body, and if you admire her swing, just try and copy the rhythm and the temper as she swings through the shot. And if you can have a swing which lasts as long and performs as well, for as long, then you’re not going to be too far away from her. I mean, a very, very good golfer, indeed.