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Brittany Lincicome is a 29-year old professional golfer and a multiple winner on the Ladies Tour, and she’s also one of the longest and most powerful hitters on the tour. Now, one of the ways that she does this is by redirecting the club during the downswing, delivering the path from the inside into the ball, and absolutely firing through with the hips and with the arms as well. It’s a very powerful, very athletic movement.

So, the backswing is nice and wide, a very good stable base to build power from. But from there, she drops the club on the inside, so the club kind of drops this way behind the body. She turns the body very aggressively, and the club moves on an inside path through impact, and she really turns on the power and the speed that she generates gradually builds up until after impact. She is absolutely firing through the ball. It’s a complex array of movements that should probably be practiced individually by turning up, getting the drop, rotating, and then really firing through.

If you want to get a little bit more power, it’s a fantastic technique to study and it’s a fantastic technique to copy. So, taking it to the top nice and wide, again the club moving behind and then really rotating the hips and getting that club moving on an inside path. And if you can get those things working together, you can really turn through and hit that ball very, very hard.