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When people talk about the greats of the game, one name which should be on any list is Bobby Jones. Bobby Jones was born at the turn of the century the 1900s and he was one of the best players ever to play the game, but never turned professional. He dominated both the amateur game and professional game, winning countless amateur titles, but also seven major championships within his era. He didn’t even play that long, he actually retired to become a lawyer and was pretty successful at that as well.

He also cofounded the Masters Tournament and had a massive impact on professional and amateur golf, right up until this present day. Now as a golfer many of the moves he made would be considered very old school at this current moment in time, but there are a lots of things you can still learn from him and you can actually take into your own game.

Now one of the very best things that Bobby Jones had was a fantastic hip and fantastic leg action. Throughout the swing, on the backswing the left leg came forward with the knee kicking inwards, the right leg straightened and the right hip went back and during the downswing this reversed itself. So, the left hip went back, the left leg straightened, the right knee bent and then the right hip actually kicked in. And it was just reversal and it was the actual rhythm and the consistency of this movement that allowed Bobby Jones to have a nice rhythmical swing and make a very good connection with the ball every time.

Many much of modern golf coaching kind of shows that the right leg should stay relative flex, the hip should stay quite still on the backswing before starting to turn and starting to move on the downswing. Now people with limited range of motions perhaps not with massive amounts of flexibility can certainly take a lot from this Bobby Jones movement with the hips and with the legs. And if you get it right and if you get the rhythm correct you can still hit some very, very good shots.

So Bobby Jones, one of the best players to ever pick up the club.