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Billy Horschel is a very exciting American golfer who absolutely decimated the field in two of the last three events at the 2014 season on the US Tour to walk home with a lot of money on the FedEx Cup. Now his golf swing is fantastic. He is only 28-years-old, but he has a lot of technical perfections to his golf swing which many golfers would love to copy. One of the best is his perfect plane.

Now a golf swing plane is a made of a different factors, but mostly you can follow his club head and his shaft plane and if you can copy and perfect it, it really will do you fantastic favors. Now on the backswing Billy Horschel is a very tall guy, very strong guy with his postures. When he takes the club away and as the club reaches halfway of the club head, so he is pretty much banging in front of his hand when viewed from this down the line view.

From there the hands would hinge upwards and the shaft face upwards until the bottom end of the club is pointing down pretty much at the target line, the club head is angled off to the right hand side. From there the left arm sits across the shoulders of the top of the swing, the shaft is parallel to the ground with the club head pointing down towards the target and on the way down those positions are just repeated.

Down into the same position with the arm and the shaft; down in the same position with the club head exactly as he was on the way back and this continues to turn through and powers through the shot. Very powerful action and a very, very consistent action, which will allow him to put together a string of results and as he last year and it's a fantastic, fantastic technique to copy for any young golfers.

And if you can get it working as well as Billy can, then you are about to make yourself a lot richer.