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When looking for fantastic players with notable amounts of consistency, Billy Casper is the first player which should be on any list. Now Billy Casper was one of the greatest and most consistent low scoring professionals to ever play the game winning the Vardon Trophy, the lowest seasonal score average five times, winning three major championship, countless tour titles, captain in the Ryder Cup team as well. He really was one of the greats of the game.

Now one of the best things that he did and one of the reasons why he managed to win so many tournaments was his technical aspects of his swing were very good, but he had one consistent shot shape which was a little bit of a fade. And what that meant is he knew how to control his ball flight, he grooved the positions that he needed to and was able to shape the shot time after time after time slightly from left to right.

Now what Billy Casper did was set up just slightly open to the target, not as much as many people might think, but just slightly open with his feet and with his hips, just align slightly more left than usual. The backswing was nice and wide, there was nothing really too kind of different about the backswing, in many respects it was just wide, got a very, very solid position. But from here Billy Casper really got the club moving to a point where the shaft was pretty much laid slightly along, well pretty much the same line as the feet and the body.

So on the way down the boot end of the club as it reached the point of impact here was actually pointing just slightly off to the left of the target. So, the feet and the body was slightly left, backswing pretty much is normal, and then coming through impact the boot end of the club which is pointing slightly off to the left hand side. Now from there he was able to turn down through ball with the clubface just keeping slightly open to the path was able to get that very, very consistent way and he did it with pretty much every single club unless he specifically wanted to shape it the other way, but he is getting the club like slightly across the target line pointing in the same direction as the feet and the body and then just turning through as normal.

And with that position it was a very consistent left to right ball fly most of the time. So if you are looking to improve the consistency of your golf shots and control the shot with a certain shape have a look at Billy Casper’s swing and I am sure you will find the improvement there.