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Legendary European golfer Bernhard Langer has a technique which lasts the ages. He won two masters tournaments during the long and distinguished career restoring rank number one in the world, but he has also been able to take that swing on the Seniors Tour where he has since won four senior majors as well. So it's a swing which served him very, very well when he was a professional at his prime and now when he is gone past the age of 50, it's a swing which still seems to serve him exceptionally well. And there is one thing which has stayed constant throughout the years and that is his left arm alignment to his body throughout the swing.

Now by left arm alignment are main two key areas of the golf swing. The left arm addresses hanging straight down, but on the backswing it points straightaway in the shaft and the arm for one seamless line. As the wrist begin to hinge upwards the left arm sits bang across the shoulder line at the top of the backswing.

During the downswing it returns to exhale at a same point and then it returns to pretty much exhale at the same point after impact as well. So, he goes through the stages up here to across the shoulder line to here and then mirroring almost the same as it was after address and because of that it's a swing that he has been able to repeat quite literally throughout the decade to enormous success. So, the left arm is straight back across the shoulder line, and then returning to the same positions as the club moves through. It's a fantastic action and if you are looking to replicate to swing that will last through the years, check out Bernhard Langer, you can certainly do a lot lot worse.