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Bernd Wiesberger is a 29-year-old Australian golf professional currently playing on the European Tour but he is broken into the world's top-50 after a good couple of years. Thanks to a very fantastic and a very, very tension-free golf swing. It's a really good technical swing this one, but he is also free of all tension and that allows him to relax and hit very, very solid golf shots.

Being tension free over the ball is a lot easier than it sounds because if you’ll face with a precious situation you are known quite comfortable, you will automatically start to tense or start to grip the club hard, start to hunch the shoulders and really start to focus very, very hard on the shot.

Well, Bernd Wiesberger does very, very well because after he gets setup he continues to breathe nice and smoothly, nice and rhythmically, not holding his breaths for any amount of time and then just relaxing his hands, relaxing his forearms, getting his spine and posture into a nice strong position; but then continuing to breath, continuing to remain relaxed and then just swinging in the same process.

Being relaxed is set up and being tension free is set up, freeze up the arms and freeze up the body to perform a more proficient golf swing. So, if you are feeling a little bit tensed over the ball just take a nice deep breath, just exhale and relax, relax the hands and relax the arms and the swing will be much more tension free and you should see more successful shots.