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Anna Nordqvist is a 27-year-old Swedish golfer who won twice on the LPGA Tour last year. She has a very, very consistent swing, which she can replicate over season making 99% of the cups of the events that she played in the last year. Now to replicate Anna’s swing first of all you need to make sure that you are very connected and your takeaway is at a one piece motion now.

By a one piece motion what we want to see the shoulders, the arms and the hands all moving away and turning away with the body. So, there are no moving parts, there is nothing breaking down, it's just the shoulders which turn and which rotates away. So, the hands don’t move, the wrist don’t break, there is no rotation, no manipulation of the clubface. It's the arms and the shoulders in this triangle position and they just move away as the shoulders turn.

And if you can keep that takeaway in one piece and just keep it nice and connected what should happen is the swing should reach this point with the left arm nice and straight, the shaft extended, the wrist can then hinge upwards and it gets the start of the swing in a fantastic position. So it's a practice, you can practice this with a little bit of a preset drill before you actually hit the shot. So getting yourself setup, making sure everything is connected as you take it away all in one piece and then just try and replicate that on the swing.

And as you can get everything working together it kind of increase the consistency of the swing and get that clubface back to the ball in a nice square position to your target way.