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Anirban Lahiri is an Indian professional golfer currently playing on the European tour, but whose performances in the last couple of years including a few wins is seen encapsulated into the world top-50 and playing at events across the globe. His swing is very technically proficient and he strikes the ball incredibly well, thanks to his amount of wrist angle and wrist hinge on the way down into impact.

His backswing is what I would consider a very technically proficient one. Nothing too crazy going on, there is a nice extension on the left arm, the right arm is quite close to the body then there is a full wrist hinge. And it's not a wrist hinge it actually manages to maintain all the way down into impact.

After he hits the ball there is such a lovely extension of real whip effect as he comes through impact. Just seemed because he is able to maintain the amount of angle pretty much 90 degrees between his wrist and his shaft coming into impact. From there he strikes down through and really extends and whips down. It's a very, very simple action, but it's not an easy one to practice, it's not an easy one to perform. However, if you can maintain the angle between the wrist and the shaft coming down it can really transfer into a very, very solid strike.

And you will also add a lot of distance to shots. So again on a go keep an eye on this exciting professional and see how he gets them.