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Video Transcript

Five times LPGA tour winner, 37-year-old Angela Stanford has a fantastically repeatable golf swing, but there are a couple of key aspects when she actually drives the golf ball that can help you hit more consistent shots. When she is driving she gets into a couple of really key positions.

Now the first one she gets into is on the backswing, is taking the club away nice and wide hinging the wrists. So the shaft points up to the ceiling and the wrists are cocked into a 90 degree angle. So that’s straight up at the sky. Then she continues to turn and as she comes down through the ball that shaft then returns to position where it sits behind the shot and behind the actual ball.

Now what this does it allows the shaft to sit behind, but it also allows the club to strike up and through the shot. So, it's a position where she goes from shaft up to shaft behind and as she does that it allows the ball to launch nice and high. In other words, she hits up through impact. Now that correlation of hitting up and having the wrist hinge allows that to be a lot of speed generated through impact and it makes her a very, very good driver of the golf ball. So let's practice that. Let's take the club away, get the shaft up then return that shaft to behind the ball at the points of impact.

The ball will launch very, very high and it should go a relatively long distance. There is something you can certainly give a go, there is a relatively unique move, but it could work for you.