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Thrice this year open up. Andy Sullivan is a 28-year-old English golfer who has already won twice in 2015 and he is going to space after hitting the hole-in-one at the KLM Dutch Open last year. So, very best of luck with that Andy, but what you can do is learn from Andy’s swing about how to drop the club on a slightly inside path, hit up and out, and get maximum distance from your drives.

To hit up and out on a drive it involves dropping the club on an inside path and extending the club out to the right hand side through actual impact. Now this is the only real way you are going to be out to get maximum amount of distance because as you come from the inside hit up and out across the line, you add a little bit of dynamic loft adding launch, but you can also keep the spin down.

So it won't just balloon up into the air, it will fly off with no spin launching high, but when it lands it will also bounce and roll. At outside you get the optimum launch conditions with your driver impact. Now it's ability since you are okay, you want to be swinging nice and wide to the top, drafting the club on the inside to getting the hands moving close to the body and then getting the club extending out towards the right hand side. And if you get everything right this will come out with a nice high draw. So a ball just forward at center approaching from this inside path as the club comes on the inside and then extend out to the right hand side.

And if you get those factors working together, it will be a high shot, but it won't come out with a massive amount of spin, and when it lands it should bounce and roll. So take a tip from Andy’s game, drop it on the inside, extend out and up, and we should see some better driving.