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Amy Yang is a 25-year-old Korean golfer who is a model of consistency on the tour. Last year after the 21 events played she made 18 cups with the season best second place finish. She has one on tour before as well, so she knows how to win if she gets herself in a position. She has a very, very, very sound technical swing, but there is one thing in there which makes her a very powerful hitter for her size, and that is as she comes through the ball, her knees bend down quite significantly and then they really straighten up through the shot and up through impact.

Now doing this isn’t the most consistent way to actually come through impact and the most consistent way to hit shots, but she makes it work so, so well. Flexing those knees and then straightening them up through impact to really deliver lots of power and that straightening up of the legs actually continues all the way up through impact. So to try and mimic this very simply, flex the knees on the way down, bend the knees and then straighten them very aggressively through impact.

And it really gives a launch up to the ball, a launch up to the body and contributes a lot of power and a lot of club head speed to the shot. So, it's not an easy move to pull off, go give it a practice and you may deliver a few more yards.