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hybrid 6 part 1

Golf’s moment of truth. If your grip, setup, takeaway, backswing and downswing are in order, here’s what happens as a hybrid clubhead contacts the ball:

  • The right hand and forearm roll over the left; this action is called the release.
  • On impact, the hands are ever-so-slightly ahead of the ball. 
  • The clubhead strikes the ball an instant before hitting the turf. 
  • Your right knee points inward, at the target.
  • The left hip has “cleared,” i.e. rotated left of the target, with the right hip coming around toward the ball.
  • The shoulders are square to the target line, your weight evenly balanced on both feet.

For more information on Thomas Golf Hybrids:

You may or not produce a divot with your hybrids, as the clubhead follows a descending but shallow path into the ball.

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