Sweep Hybrid Golf Shots from Good Lies

It’s probably the No. 1 questions golfers ask about hybrid clubs: Should I make a sweeping swing, as with a fairway wood, or hit down on the ball, as though hitting an iron?

The answer: It depends on your lie. When the ball is sitting up, a sweeping swing works best. If it’s nestled into tall grass or otherwise sitting down, you’re better off hitting with a downward blow.

Let’s talk about the good lie/sweeping swing scenario.

If your ball is in the rough, gently place the clubhead of your hybrid behind it, being careful not to move the ball. If the ball is perched in the grass with space underneath, you’ll want to sweep it off the turf. The same goes for shots from the fairway.

Next, proceed as follows:

  • At address, the ball should be slightly forward of the middle of your stance (left of center for right-handed golfers).

  • Place the hands even with the ball rather than pressing them forward.

  • Stand with slightly more weight on your right side – perhaps 55-60%.

  • As you swing, focus on brushing the grass just beneath the ball without taking a divot.

These shots tend to strike high on the clubface and fly with slightly more loft than usual, so consider taking an extra club from a fluffy lie. (A 3-hybrid instead of a 4, for example.)

Versatility is a big reason hybrids make such great weapons. They can be used for a wide variety of shots from a range of yardages and different lies. In fact, they come in quite handy when the ball lies poorly, such as in a divot or on bare patch of fairway.

Learn to read your lies and make the appropriate hybrid swing for different situations, and you’ll get the most from these amazing little clubs.