Lady golfers need to generate as much power and club head speed as possible during their golf swing to maximize the distance that they can hit the golf ball.

    Unlike men, ladies do not have the brute strength in their bodies to muscle the ball down the fairway. Technique becomes even more crucial to lady golfers if they wish to achieve distance with their golf shots.

    Why And How Ladies Should Keep Their Left Arm Straight, During Their Golf Swing 1

    One of the most important areas of technique for any lady golfer is to ensure that their left arm remains constantly straight from set up, throughout the backswing, at the top of the backswing and then during the downswing and into impact. By maintaining this straight left arm position throughout both the backswing and downswing you will achieve the widest possible arc for the club head to swing around. In simple terms, the straighter you keep the left arm, the more you are keeping the club head away from your body and the further the club head is away from your body, the bigger the circle it creates around you as it moves. Creating a big or wide arc with your swing enables you to have more time to build up speed in the club head as you swing it and the more speed that the club head has, the further you will hit the ball.

    Keeping your left arm straight is also really important in allowing you to consistently produce good solid strikes from the middle of the club face. As you start your golf swing, your left arm should be straight and this sets the distance between your shoulders and the ball. As you swing away from the ball, if you bend your left arm at any point, you are shortening the distance between your shoulders and the club head. As you return the club head back down to strike the ball, if you do not straighten your left arm back out, you will hit the top of the ball. But having to straighten your left arm whilst you are swinging the club at full speed requires a lot of timing, and under pressure, this will show up and you will become inconsistent, sometimes timing the straightening of the left arm and striking the ball well and other times not quite managing to straighten the arm and hitting the top of the ball.

    We see the best players in the game today demonstrating a very straight left arm look through the impact position, helping them to deliver a consistent club head height back to the ball and to deliver club head speed, so the easiest way to achieve this is to start with your left arm straight, swing back with your left arm straight and then return back to the ball with your left arm straight!

    To achieve this position, straighten your left arm whilst at address before you swing the club. Work on achieving a really straight line from your left shoulder (if you are a right handed player) down to your left hand and then down the shaft of the golf club to the club head. Keep these three positions in line as you begin your backswing and once the club head is approximately two inches to the right of the ball on your backswing, begin to hinge your wrist.

    Failing to hinge your wrist correctly is the main reason you will struggle to maintain a straight left arm position during your backswing. If you fail to hinge your wrist appropriately you will start to lift the club up with your arms and this action will cause the left elbow to buckle at the top of the backswing due to the momentum of the club swinging over you. It is essential to hinge your wrist at the end of your takeaway as this will allow you to keep your left arm straight. Work on pushing your hands away from your body as you reach the end of your backswing, rather than pulling your hands in towards you. If you are not sure how it feels to move your left arm in this way, try the following drill.

    Take some resistance tubing and place it under your left foot. Hold the tubing as though you are holding your golf club and make sure there is a little slack in the tubing. Make a backswing movement and stretch the tubing away from your body - hold it out from your body and to your right. This is the position to work on achieving the feel for your left arm, during your backswing.

    Alternatively if you find this difficult, try taking an empty plastic bottle that you can cut either end off and place this over your left arm and elbow. This will straighten your left elbow and you can make a backswing to get the feeling of how to hinge your wrists and keep your left arm straight. But please DO NOT swing through if you are trying this, this is only for your backswing and back to impact, as your left elbow needs to bend during your follow through, so do not swing at speed and into your follow through!

    Work on these drills and you will be keeping your left arm much straighter during your golf swing, creating a big arc for the club head to travel on allowing you to gain more speed in the club head and deliver it back to the ball more consistently.