Quick Swing is OK, But Keep it Consistent
Every golfer wants a silky smooth swing like Fred Couples or Rory McIroy. Alas, few of us are blessed with such a languid natural tempo.

Look on the bright side: Golf is full of great players with quick, whip-like swings. Think Lanny Wadkins, Hubert Green, Nick Price or Rickie Fowler. If you’ve got a snappy action, don’t fight it -- just make sure your rhythm is consistent from takeaway to finish, shot after shot, and that your arms don’t usurp the body’s big muscles as the engine of the swing.

The problem many quick-swinging golfers run into is mismatching tempo on the backswing and downswing. Some are fast going back then decelerate coming down. Others have the opposite problem, taking the club slowly to the top, then slashing violently toward the ball.

If you suffer from the first malady, try the whoosh drill,” which will teach you to accelerate at the moment of impact. If you tend to throw or cast the club from the top, the pause drill will alleviate the problem.

The basic idea is to engage the hips, torso and shoulders – aka the “big muscles” – and keep the arms and hands in a secondary role. That’s the key to power and consistency.