A downhill lie from the back of a bunker is one of the hardest shots you will face in golf.

Even if you are able to get a good stance, it’s a shot that leaves little room for error and at times will even push you to make a more conservative play than you wanted.

If you are near the lip of the back of the bunker then you will have to manipulate your swing to be much steeper since the ground of the lip would be in the way of a traditional swing. To steepen your swing, you will need to pick the club up more abruptly with your wrists as opposed to creating the wide arc of a traditional swing.

As you may have learned from playing downhill and side hill lies, you will want to orient your body with the slope. Since you are likely playing from a downhill lie from the back of a bunker, do your best to set up as if the slope was flat. In this case, your body will be tilted towards the target some. Since the downhill lie will deliver the shot lower, you should allow for some extra roll after the ball lands.

Notice how much steeper this angle is compared to a standard swing. For a traditional bunker shot (also pictured), it is recommended to hit the sand about two inches behind the ball but since our swing from this situation must be so steep, it is better to make contact a bit closer to the ball.

If you find yourself in the back of a bunker remember that you don’t always have to pull off the heroic shot. If the shot seems too risky with only a small chance for success then don’t be afraid to play out sideways towards an area that you can actually play from. Even the best tour players at times have to take their medicine and play safe.

Since the back of a bunker is not a shot you will likely face often, you may not need to spend much time practicing it. If you’re a competitor, though, it would be a good idea to get some experience with these tricky shots so that if the situation ever comes up, you’ll have some amount of preparation.