Learning to have the correct weight shift in your golf swing will add yards to how far you can strike the golf ball.

    What Is The Correct Golf Swing Weight Shift Takeaway And Downswing For Senior Golfers

    However, the shift of weight in your swing should not be forced. It is something that should happen as a product of you moving well during your golf swing. At address, your arms and the golf club are in front of your body and relatively centred with your body. This results in your centre of gravity being centred and as a result your weight is balanced and relatively even between both feet.

    As you swing back away from the golf ball, because your arms move to the right of your body, your centre of gravity shifts to the right and therefore your weight moves to the right. At the top of your backswing, you should have 65-70% of your weight on your right side. As you swing back down towards the ball, your arms swing back to in front of your body and then continue to the left of your body, moving your centre of gravity to the left and as a result, your weight shifts to the left, finishing 90-95% on your left foot at the end of your swing. In a basic format, as the golf club moves to the right, your weight moves to the right and as your club moves to the left, your weight moves to the left.

    If you are not experiencing this weight shift then work on the following. At address, imagine the target line extended to the right of the golf ball. As you swing the club head away from the ball, move it along the target line for longer. Keep your head static as you do this to prevent you from swaying to the right and just stretch your arms away from your body to keep the club head moving down the target line.

    In stretching your arms to the right in this way, you will notice the shift in your weight to the right.

    If you are not transferring your weight correctly on your downswing, try the following exercise. Your downswing should start with you rotating your knees and hips towards the target. This movement then flows into your torso and upper body as your weight shifts left. To encourage this, stand with your backside against a wall and take up your address position. As you swing back, the right side of your backside will be in contact with the wall and the left side will move off it. To transfer your weight correctly on your downswing, replace the left side of your backside on to the wall and then continue to rotate your pelvis so that the left outer seam of your trouser leg touches the wall as you complete your swing.

    These two drills will get you shifting your weight correctly during your golf swing and will allow you to hit the ball more consistently and further.